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SECTION 18 - BANCADO Optical Disk Storage and Retrieval System

The BANCADO Optical Disk Storage and Retrieval System was designed to provide for the storage of computer-printed reports on permanent storage media such as laser disks, CD's, and DVD's. Not only does this method of storage save space, but it also can save a significant amount of processing time since the production of optical media is significantly faster than the production of hard copy.

The common acronym "COLD" stands for "Computer Output Laser Disk". Normally, it refers to text data that is stored on optical media. "CD" stands for "Compact Disk". A CD holds 650 MB of data. "DVD" is an acronym for "Digital Versatile Disk" which has a capacity of 5.2 GB. "WORM" stands for "Write Once Read Many" and refers to an optical laser disk that cannot be overwritten. Capacities of WORM drives range from 600 MB to 2400 MB.

Briefly, the process of producing reports on an optical disk instead of paper is quite simple. At the time that any report is produced on the system, the operator selects an area on the system's hard drive instead of a physical printer for the system to send the program's output to. Once the "printed" report has been created on the hard drive as a file, it can be combined with other printed report files and copied to a laser disk drive. Access to the report files for viewing and/or printing can be through the programs described in this section or through any common text or word processing software.

When the operator selects Optical Disk Utilities from the main BANCADO menu, the following menu is displayed:





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